Brie Bella: The Pictures You Need to See

Brie Bella first broke onto the WWE scene as a partnership with her twin sister Nikki and it didn't take long for the Bella Twins to become the new standard in Diva dominance. But with Nikki taking a break from the ring, the focus has shifted to simply Brie. And she hasn't disappointed. The 32-year-old Brie has found success on her own in the past few weeks and has, somehow, managed to maintain her in-ring reputation while still growing the Bella Twin brand. Oh, and did we mention that she may be trying to start a family as well? Yeah, it's pretty good to be Brie Bella right now. Click through the gallery to check out some of her best moments, learn about her road to Diva-hood and what Bella's life is like away from the TV cameras. (Instagram)

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