WATCH: Duane Brown Carted Off, Entire Team Leaves Bench For Support

It was a tough scene for Texans fans today, as one of the team’s most beloved players went down with a serious injury.

Pro Bowl tackle Duane Brown, the longest-tenured Texan of all-time, went down win a leg injury. As they prepared the cart for Brown, the entire Texans team left the bench to surround the cart and support him.

Brown had tears in his eyes as he was carted off the field.

Aside from the emotional loss, it’s a awful break for the Texans, who are all but guaranteed to clinch the AFC South today. The Texans line has been shaky all season long, and now their best lineman, the best tackle in Texans franchise history, is done for the season. The Texans could face the Jets, Broncos, or Chiefs next week, all of whom have an excellent pass rush.

The Texans are wrapping up their regular season against the Jaguars, and will host a playoff game next week. To see who they could be playing, check here.

To learn more about Duane and his wife, Houston DJ Devi Dev, click here.

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