BPL DraftKings Soccer Lineup: Picks, Advice, Analysis for February 6

Draftkings makes its debut in the UK this weekend, opening the door for millions of Premier League fans. They've got some great matchups for their opening week, including a battle at the top between Leicester City and Manchester City. Daily fantasy might not be new to US users, but recent promotions are sure to draw new players to contests. If you've never played Draftkings EPL before, there are a few scoring notes that are important to keep in mind:

1) Goal are worth 10 points. It's hard to predict regular scorers, but a brace from your lineup can give a giant boost to your score.

2) Crosses are worth one point. That includes corner kicks and set pieces, giving wingers and fullbacks added value.

3) A clean sheet is worth five points for the goalkeeper and three points for defender. So if you're in a bind, you can always look for a cheap defender with a favorable matchup.

Keep those tips in mind as you select your 12-man roster. If you need a little more assistance, here's a solid lineup you can play for Saturday, with $300 to spare: (Getty)