Charlotte & Ric Flair: The Pictures You Need to See

Talk about a big-time family legacy. Charlotte knew, as soon as she stepped into a WWE ring, that she would constantly be living up to her father's expectations. After all, when your father is multi-time Hall of Famer Ric Flair, it's hard to leave that legacy behind. Not that Charlotte is complaining. After all, the WWE Divas Champion is well aware that her father is one of her biggest fans, both in and out of the ring, and a constant source of support during the ups and downs that life in the WWE presents. So, while sometimes it's a bit difficult to live up to the Flair family legacy, Charlotte and Ric Flair have found that working together and supporting each other no matter what makes it all a little bit easier. Now, with more than just a few other names gunning for her Championship belt, Charlotte is ready to depend on her father even more as the two team up to make sure that she protects that belt. (Instagram)

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