Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Amy Reimann: The Pictures You Need to See

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the face of NASCAR, so it only makes sense that there's more than just a little interest in the woman who's been by his side along the way. After nearly six years of dating, Earnhardt Jr. and his long-time girlfriend Amy Reimann officially took the next step, announcing their engagement in June 2015. "I'm completely overwhelmed with love & joy," Reimann posted on social media shortly after news broke. "Happiest girl in the world!" The racing star echoed Reimann's sentiments, adding, "Looking forward to the rest of my life with this amazing girl." Now, with the NASCAR season set to get underway, the spotlight on Earnhardt Jr. and Reimann, and their soon-to-be-nuptials, is brighter than ever. Luckily, the pair are used to the attention and, luckily for us, they're pretty good at smiling for the camera. Click through the gallery to ready up on the pair's road to romance and check out some of their best moments away from the track. (Instagram)