Drake, Celebrity All-Star Game Coach: The Pictures You Need to See

Drake loves basketball. He loves basketball more than you love watching the 'Hotline Bling' video 10 times in a row and trying to recreate that dance. He really loves basketball. And Toronto. Drake really loves Toronto. Luckily for Drake (and for his fans) basketball and Toronto combine for one major event this weekend as the city hosts the 2016 NBA All-Star Game. Now, that alone would be enough to get Drake courtside and post a dozen new Instagram photos. But this weekend is much more than just one game on Sunday evening and, this weekend, Drake isn't just a fan of basketball. This weekend he's also a coach. Kind of. On Friday night Drake will serve as the coach (with some help from Steve Nash and Jose Bautista) of Team Canada in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. It's a moment years in the making for the rapper whose basketball fandom has become the stuff of joke-making legend. Before you check out what kind of plays Drake draws up for his celebs on Friday night, click through the gallery to see the rapper in some of his previous sideline appearances and read up on his well-documented basketball fandom. (Instagram)

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