Inés Sainz: The Pictures You Need to See

Inés Sainz, a 37-year-old journalist who works for TV Azteca, is a woman of many accomplishments. She has graduate degrees in tax law and sports business administration. She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She has interviewed many of the most popular athletes in the world, from Lionel Messi to Tom Brady, and covered many of the biggest sporting events in the world, from the Olympics to the World Cup to the Super Bowl. For all that she's done, though, it's the latter where she has perhaps gained the most fame. Dubbed as "The Queen of Super Bowl Media Day," Sainz first covered the popular event in 2002 and has been back almost every year. Each time she returns, her popularity seems to increase. In 2007, she was called "the single-most popular person on the premises" outside of Peyton Manning. Last year, dozens of reporters took pictures of her, a fellow reporter. With Super Bowl media day--or Super Bowl Opening Night, as it's now called--headed to prime-time in 2016, Sainz is sure to once again grab the spotlight. You can click to the right to learn more about her. (Twitter/InesSainzG)