Roman Reigns & His Family: The Pictures You Need to See

The Anoaʻi Family, originating from American Samoa, is one of the most impressive wrestling families in the entire world. The group boasts WWE Hall of Famers and champions as well as recently dethroned WWE Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. Reigns, who was born Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoaʻi, has evolved into one of the WWE's biggest names and his connection to wrestling has been a major part of his athletic life from the time he was growing up until now. His father, Sika, was one of wrestling's most impressive, and consistently dominant, tag team members while Reigns also boasts relations to current in-ring stars as well. That's not all, though. Reigns is also adding to his own impressive family tree as well. In fact, the star counts his stats as "dad" as the most important of his career. Click through the gallery to check out some of Reigns' best moments with his family and learn more about this incredibly impressive group. (Instagram)

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