Top 5 Best Elliptical Machines for Home Use 2018

top best elliptical machines home use


Let’s face it, not everyone can make it to the gym for a workout. Whether you don’t have the time, money for an expensive monthly membership or just simply don’t enjoy them, making it to the fitness club to break a sweat isn’t always doable.

And that’s OK, because if you have the space in your home or apartment, you can bring the gym there. These days there are literally thousands of fitness machines suitable for home use. And one of the top choices in that department are elliptical trainers. Ellipticals really give a full-body workout, encompassing your arms, core and legs while getting an intense cardio session in. All this while reducing strain on your back, knees and ankles. In a nutshell, ellipticals are great fitness machines for a quality workout.

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This post will focus on some of the best elliptical trainers on the market right now for home use. Below you’ll find options for the budget-minded, space-conscience and a few for those who want all the options. Each of them, as well as thousands of other exercise equipment items, can be found at Amazon.

Here are the some of the top elliptical machines for home use available:

1. Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

best elliptical machines for home use


The Sole Fitness E35 is a perfect place to start a conversation about the best elliptical machines. This machine is health club-worthy, but also ideal for getting a challenging, intense workout at home. The multi-functional controls are easy to use and advantageously situated (on a 7.5 LCD screen and handlebars) for simple programming and adjusting. That way you can concentrate on your workout, not how to increase the volume on the built-in speakers, which, by the way, the E35 comes with.

Sturdy, durable and ergonomically-engineered, the E35 was designed with the input of physical therapists, so you know it is a safe, effective machine. With a stride range of 20 to 22 inches and an incline which can be set up to 30 inches (one of the steepest available), you’re going to get an intense workout and, thus, a much better chance to achieve all your fitness goals. Check out the top features below.

Top Frame Features:

— Stride length adjustable from 20 to 22 inches
— 16 resistance levels (adjustable from a button on the handlebars)
— Multi-grip handlebars
— “Whisper Drive” which keeps the machine very quiet
— Aluminum flywheel weighing 29 pounds
— Heart rate monitoring system on handlebars
— Inclines up to 30 inches
— Adjustable 15 inch foot pedals to reduce strain on knees, ankles and feet
— Chest strap for hands-free convenience
— Built-in fan to keep cool while working out
— Water bottle holder
— User maximum weight is 375 pounds
— Dimensions: 27 inches by 58 inches by 83 inches (W x H x D) and it weighs 215 pounds
— Warranties: Frame (Lifetime); Electronics and parts (5 years); Labor (2 years)

Top Computer Features:

— 7.5 inches backlit LCD Screen
— 10 programs (6 pre-programmed, 2 heart rate and 2 user defined)
— Counts distance traveled, calories, pulse and pace
— Built-in speakers
— iPod and MP3 compatible

Price: $1,169.98 (additional if you want it assembled)

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top best elliptical machines for home use


2. Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer

top best elliptical machines home use

(Body Max)

Unlike the SOLE E35 Elliptical, there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles on the Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer. But if you’re interested in getting an intense cardio workout at a bargain price, then the Body Rider is for you. This patented machine does exactly what an elliptical is supposed to do — give you a challenging upper- and lower-body workout.

A simple twist of the control knob allows you to adjust the resistance settings of your workout. It’s compact, easy to assemble, does not require the use of electricity, and won’t put a dent in your bank account.

Top Features:

— Chain-driven fan is quite and smooth
— Electricity free
— Dual action handlebars for both upper- and lower-body workouts
— Screen monitors time, distance, speed, and calories burned
— Durable frame made of steel
— Includes workout video guide
— Dimensions: 25 inches by 9 inches by 36 inches (L x W x H) and it weighs 58 pounds
— Warranty: Frame (Limited warranty); Parts & electronics (5 years)

Price: $123.18 (plus free shipping)

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3. Nautilus E614 Elliptical

top best ellipticals for home


The highlight of the Nautilus E614 is its Dual Track LCD monitor, which features one larger display and a smaller screen. The bigger display shows the workout program you’re working (the machine features nearly 20 programs) and the small one shows other important information like time, distance and calories burned. The large screen has a platform so you can rest your book or tablet on it, but still keep up with your workout via the smaller display. Other key highlights of the E614 is a charging port for your MP3 device, a water bottle holder, built-in speakers and a computer log-in to keep track of your fitness progress.

The E614 also has the Nautilus name attached to it, one of the most recognizable in the fitness business. The sturdy machine can hold up to 300 pounds on its sturdy frame.

Top Frame Features:

— 20 inch stride path
— 20 levels of resistance
— Fan adjusts with 3 speeds
— Heart rate measures on handlebars
— Shelf to hold your tablet or book
— Built-in speakers with MP3 input port and USB charging
— Wheels make for easy transport
— User maximum weight is 300 pounds
— Dimensions: Approximately 27 inches by 63 inches by 71 inches (W x H x D) and it weighs 167 pounds
— Warranty: Frame (10 years); Parts (2 years); Electronics (1 year); Labor (90 days)

Top Computer Features:

— Dual Track, 2 LCD screens
— 9 profile programs (3 mountain rides, 3 fun rides, 3 challenges)
— 8 heart rate programs
— 2 custom, 2 fitness and 1 quick start programs
— 2 user profiles with personal and workout storing capabilities such as fitness goals
— Workout monitors time, distance, level, revolutions per minute, heart rate and calories burned

Price: $599.99

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best elliptical machines for home use


4. Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

best top elliptical machines for home use


Schwinn hasn’t been able to stick around in the fitness business for so long without putting out quality products and the 470 Elliptical certainly is top-notch. It’s sturdy and durable, holding a user up to 300 pounds. The machine features a DualTrack LCD monitors, as well as a computer with pre-programmed workouts and the ability to track your fitness goals via “Schwinn Connect” or MyFitnessPal.

Another highlight of the Schwinn machine is the ability to seamlessly increase and decrease the resistance and incline settings thanks to 25 Eddy Current Brake (ECB) resistance settings with 5 quick keys, which are located for easy access.

Top Frame Features:

— 25 resistance levels with 5 quick keys for on-the-fly changing
— High-speed, weighted flywheel makes for quiet, smooth workout
— 20 inch “Precision Path” stride length
— 10 degree manual incline range with 5 positions
— 3 speed fan keeps you cool during workouts
— Large foot pedals with cushioning
— Built-in speakers
— Transport wheels
— Oversized crossbar tubing for added stability
— Water bottle holder
— User maximum weight is 300 pounds
— Dimensions: Approximately 28 inches by 63 inches by 70 inches (W x H x D) and it weighs 164 pounds
— Warranty: Frame (10 years); Mechanical (2 years); Electronics (1 year); Labor (90 days)

Top Computer Features:

— Dual Track LCD Monitors: Main (3 inches by 5 inches) and secondary (1 inch by 5 inches)
— 12 profile programs including 4 fun rides, 4 mountain rides and 4 challenges
— 9 heart rate programs
— 2 fitness test programs
— 1 recovery test program
— Workout data includes: time, RPM, distance, pulse, speed, calories burned, heart rate tracker, percent completed indicator, fitness goal tracker

Price: $719.32 (plus free shipping)

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best elliptical machines home use


5. Xterra Elliptical Trainer, 22-Pound Frame

top best elliptical machines home use


The XTERRA Elliptical Trainer is another machine which falls into the affordable and compact departments. There aren’t many frills nor does it have a state-of-the-art computer system, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get an intense cardio workout. Like stated above, it’s very price-friendly and can fit easily in your home.

What the XTERRA does feature is 16 resistance levels, 13 total workout programs, a large LCD screen, a heavy duty steel frame and a computer which tracks all the pertinent information needed to track your workout — time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, speed, among others. With the XTERRRA, you’ll save money, space and drop the pounds.

Top Frame Features:

— 14 inch stride length
— Compact design
— Heavy duty steel frame
— Heavy duty flywheel (both 22 and 17 pound options available)
— Handlebar pads
— Oversized pedals
— Maximum weight for user is 250 pounds
— Dimensions: Approximately 25 inches by 63 inches by 52 inches (W x H x D) and it weighs 112 pounds
— Warranty: Frame (3 years); Parts (1 year)

Top Computer Features:

— Dual color LCD screen (5 inches by 2.5 inches)
— 13 total workout programs
— 16 resistance levels
— Workout data tracked: time elapsed, speed, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate

Price: $363.31 (plus free shipping)

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