DraftKings March Madness: Top DFS CBB Picks for Thursday

The first Thursday and Friday of the March Madness mark two of the most popular sports days of the year, making them prime targets for bettors. Naturally, with the evolution of sports betting, that doesn't just mean predicting the outcomes of games. It means DFS. Daily fantasy college basketball is scored the same as NBA, but there are many different strategies to consider, especially during the Round of 64 when there are 14 games to choose from (the two games that still need to be decided by the "First Four" aren't yet on the DFS slate). Do you target the 8 vs. 9 and 7 vs. 10 matchups, knowing that close games mean guaranteed minutes for the stars? Or do you stack your lineup with No. 1 and 2 seeds, knowing that they'll be going up against far inferior defenses but with the potential for blowouts and less minutes? There's no right answer, and it's more going situation by situation. With that in mind, you can click to the right for the top DraftKings picks for Thursday's NCAA tournament games. Note that this isn't meant to be a complete lineup, rather a look at some of my favorite plays, whether they are studs to pay up for, solid middle-tier options or cheap value plays. They are ordered by price. (Getty)