Holly Holm & Her Family: The Pictures You Need to See

Family is very clearly at the center of Holly Holm's immense success. Her husband, Jeff Kirkpatrick, was one of the first inside the Octagon to celebrate with Holm after her exhilarating win over Ronda Rousey in November. Her father, Roger, is the inspiration behind "The Preacher's Daughter" nickname. Her two older brothers, Brian and Weston, always let her hang out with them as kids, establishing the toughness that has made her one of the most dangerous MMA fighters in the world. Her mother, although not always one to watch Holly fight, still offers her support. It's often important for professional athletes to have a steady significant other to fall back on, but Holm has an entire family that is always in her corner. "My whole family, we're tight," she says. "My mom and I meet for lunch a lot. It's a nice release away from everything. Just sit down and be connected with family. My brothers are my best friends in the world. Those relationships are so amazing. It was something my parents always instilled in us, that family would always be there for you." You can click to the right to learn more about Holm and her family. (Twitter/HollyHolm)

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