WWE Roadblock 2016: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

The WWE Network is ready to treat all its fans to one more special event. WWE Roadblock 2016 is actually the final stop (we’re so serious this time!) before WrestleMania 32 officially goes down. The biggest match on Roadblock 2016’s card is for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Triple H will do battle with Dean Ambrose. Along with that huge title match, the WWE Tag Team Championship and NXT Tag Team Championship will also be up for grabs. And Bray Wyatt will take on the “beast” he’s been developing a beef with since their meeting in the 2016 Royal Rumble – Brock Lesnar. Check in here with Heavy to find out every result/highlight from WWE Roadblock 2016! Enjoy our latest offering of WWE highlights.

The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and/or Xavier Woods) (c) vs. The League of Nations (Sheamus and King Barrett) (WWE Tag Team Championship)

WWE Roadblock 2016

Winners: And still the WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day!

Highlights: The New Day wasted no time in speaking their mind to the live crowd in Toronto, Canada. They described just what the crowd sees in them in several different ways. They unveiled a physical box of their own Booty-O’s cereal. They even gave Drake a nice shoutout (he’s Canada’s own, of course). They threw in a few verbal shots at every member of the League of Nations). The bell rang after all this hilarious madness, which led to Kofi and Sheamus starting the match with some lock-up’s. They exchanged a few holds and Kofi even dissed Sheamus with some hand slaps and crowd pandering. Sheamus was none too pleased and he and Barrett began beating down Kofi. Barrett remained in the ring after being tagged in and got in a few strikes on Kofi. Kofi managed to escape, tagged in Big E and Barrett got a rib breaker from Big E. Big E and Kofi then performed their corner kicks into the running dropkick combo.

When Barrett got back to his feet, he caught Kofi off guard with his Winds of Change side slam. Sheamus then got back into the match and landed his Irish Curse on Kofi. The two League of Nations representatives began working over Kofi for several moments with tandem offense and more. Kofi tried fighting back against Barrett, but the UK brute kicked him hard in the gut to stop his comeback. However, Kofi caught Sheamus with a dropkick as he flew off the top rope. Kofi made the hot tag to Big E, who started suplexing the hell out of Barrett. Big E landed a series of big moves on Barrett for a while before he caught a knee to the face and a snap suplex. Kofi and Sheamus then got tagged in. Kofi got in a series of high flying moves on the big Irishmen, but Sheamus began landing some big moves of his own. Kofi went for his finisher, but Sheamus grabbed his leg and locked him into his Cloverleaf submission hold.

While Kofi remained locked in, Big E managed to fend off Barrett on the outside of the ring. Kofi escaped the hold and laid out Sheamus with his SOS maneuver. The New Day went for their finisher, but it led to a moment of miscommunication. Big E ended up hurt and Kofi was thrown to the outside. Barrett superkicked Big E, but the ref as distracted by the ref and couldn’t make the count. Amidst so much confusion, Big E won the match with his Big Ending on Barrett.

Chris Jericho vs. Jack Swagger

Winner: Chris Jericho!

Highlights: Y2J spoke to the live crowd and told them shut their filthy mouths. He didn’t want to hear any of their chants since they love AJ Styles so much. It should come as no surprise that the Toronto cheered for AJ. Jericho put down his own Canadian people, which came as a shock. Y2J noted that he’s the greatest icon this country has ever seen. The crowd chanted “WE WANT BRET!,” which led to Jericho saying that they would never get him. Jericho moved from Canada because he says he was ashamed of everyone there and Canada stinks because Toronto is the anus. Jericho was then bombarded with asshole chants. Jericho alluded to AJ and Swagger as the flavors of the month cheered on at his expense. Jericho made it clear that he’s the best in the world at what he does. He mocked Jack Swagger’s hand taunt, which then led to Swagger actually coming out.

Both men locked up, but Jericho quickly disrespected Swagger with a quick slap. Swagger decked him in the face and forced Jericho to run outside and around the ring. Swagger chased him down and back into the ring for a stiff elbow to the face. Swagger laid in 10 punched in succession to Jericho on the top rope. Jericho chose to cheap shot Swagger and then began working over Swagger with strikes and chops. Y2J landed a nice baseball dropkick to Swagger, which pushed him to the outside. He then shoved Swagger shoulder first into the security barrier. Jericho then got Swagger back into the ring for even more punishment. Jericho locked Swagger into a chinlock, but Swagger began getting back to his feet. Swagger’s comeback never even started thanks to a dropkick from Jericho, though. Y2J locked in another submission hold on Swagger for a good while. CM Punk chants then randomly broke out. Swagger soon escaped Jericho’s grasp and landed his comeback offense.

Swagger went for the Swagger Bomb, but Jericho got his feet up to stop him. He then hit his Facebuster and went for his Lionsault. Swagger dodged the Lionsault and finally planted Jericho with his Swagger Bomb. The action continued for a good while as both men tried to lock in their respective submission finishers. Both were unable to do so, so Y2J opted to lay out Swagger with an Enzuguri. Jericho then went for his other finisher. but Swagger caught him with a huge powerslam. Swagger then locked in his Patriot Lock. Jericho grabbed the ref and managed to fight and grab the bottom rope. Jericho then made Swagger submit to the Walls of Jericho.

The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) (c) vs. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady (with Carmella) (NXT Tag Team Championship)

WWE Roadblock 2016

Winners: And still the NXT Tag Team Champions, The Revival!

Highlights: Enzo gave the crowd his team’s usual verbal hype schtick. Once they got in the ring, all three team members spoke about their badass persona. And of course, they made sure to spell out “S-A-W-F-T!” with the crowd. Enzo and Dash got the match started. Dash struck Cassady, which led to The Revival getting the jump on Enzo. Enzo shook off the damage he just sustained and began putting down both teammates. Cassady got tagged in and used his big man offense to assault Dash. Dash tagged in Scott, but the ref didn’t see it. This led to Dash getting even more of a beatdown. Enzo helped land their double team offense on both members of The Revival. Cassady then clotheslined both men outside then ring, then Enzo got launched onto both men while they stood outside.

Back in the ring, The Revival regained control after throwing Enzo shoulder first into the steel ring post. Dawson and Dash then tearing up Enzo’s arm with their limb targeting offense. Enzo got worked over for several moments as The Revival assaulted him with tons of maneuvers. Enzo went to get the hot tag, but he shoulder tackled hard by Dawson. Dawson went for a big move to Enzo in the corner, but Enzo dodged it and finally released Big Cass into the ring. Cassady then went on a tear as he landed all his big comeback moves on The Revival. He even dropped both men with his devastating big boot. After landing his big side slam, Enzo and Cass looked to land the Rocket Launcher on Dash. Dawson stopped this and even used Carmella to distract Cass. Cassady got knocked out on the outside with The Revival’s finisher.

Enzo kept fighting for himself in the ring and even dropped Dash with a big DDT off the top rope. Eno laid in some big punches to Dawson for a bit, but The Revival managed to overpower him still. They planted Enzo with their big finisher to retain the titles.

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