Lindsey Miller, Laremy Tunsil’s Stepfather: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

laremy tunsil lindsey miller stepfather lawsuit sued

Laremy Tunsil is being sued by his stepfather, Lindsey Miller. (Getty)

In what was supposed to be one of the greatest weeks of his life, former Ole Miss offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil has seen that do a 180.

A little over a day before the start of Thursday’s NFL Draft, which saw Tunsil’s stock slide after a photo on his official Twitter account showed someone smoking what appears to be marijuana with a gas mask on, the former Rebel was sued by his stepfather Lindsey Miller.

Tunsil was accused of attacking Miller last June as well as defaming his character.

Tunsil was drafted 13th overall by the Miami Dolphins in the NFL Draft.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Miller & Tunsil Filed Domestic Violence Charges Against Each Other Last Year

laremy tunsil stepfather lindsey miller lawsuit domestic violence


In June 2015, Tunsil and Miller, his stepfather, filed domestic chargers against each other after a dispute in Lafayette County, Mississippi.

Tunsil, who was an All-American at Ole Miss, was arrested in the incident.

Miller pressed charges on Friday, the day after the incident. A day later Tunsil filed.

2. Tunsil Said He Was Defending His Mother

laremy tunsil stepfather lindsey miller


Tunsil said Miller attacked the Tunsils mother, Desiree, so he was just protecting her. Miller said he was attacked without provocation.

When Miller filed charges, he was granted a restraining order against Tunsil.

Both dropped the charges in August 2015.

3. The New Lawsuit Was Filed by Miller on Tuesday in Mississippi



The new lawsuit was filed Tuesday, two before the NFL Draft, in Mississippi.

It claims Tunsil physically attacked Miller and defamed his character leading to “emotional distress.”

The Clarion-Ledger said the lawsuit seeks:

…compensatory and punitive damages, attorney fees, pre- and post-judgment interest and all costs associated with the suit because of past, present, and future bodily injury, pain & suffering, severe emotional distress, medical costs, damage to reputation, and/or other types of damages that he has incurred (and will likely continue to incur).

4. Tunsil’s Lawyer Says He Will Fight the New Lawsuit

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Steve Farese, Tunsil’s attorney, claims they will fight the lawsuit.

From a statement released by Farese:

The lawsuit filed against Mr. Tunsil appears to be yet another attempt by Mr. Miller to damage Mr. Tunsil, his family, and the University. This unsavory attempt to obtain money from a talented young man is a sad example of the times. The timing of this suit, on the eve of the NFL draft, speaks volumes as to Mr. Miller’s motives. We will vigorously defend Mr. Tunsil against this frivolous complaint and are confident it will be dealt with appropriately by the Courts.

Tunsil told reporters Wednesday morning in Chicago he didn’t know anything about the suit.

5. Miller Denies Hacking Into Tunsil’s Social Media Accounts on Draft Night

Tunsil has seen his fair share of controversy over the past year. The incident with his stepfather is one.

Tunsil was also suspended 7 games in the 2015 for receiving improper benefits.

Tunsil told at the time:

I take full responsibility for the mistakes I made and want to thank everyone for their continued support. I want to apologize to my teammates, coaches and the entire Ole Miss family for how my choices affected our program. This was a learning experience, and I’m looking forward to being back on the field with my team and redeeming myself. The last 10 months have been a physical and mental battle for me, but I love playing this game more than anything else. I want to be here for my teammates who are depending on me to finish what we started together.

Then he had another scare Thursday night at the NFL Draft when about 10 minutes before the start, a photo of someone smoking what appeared to marijuana while wearing a gas mask surfaced. Tunsil, who was considered by many to be a possible top 5 pick, dropped to No. 13 when the Miami Dolphins selected him.

Later that evening, Miller denied hacking into Tunsil’s account. Miller’s lawyer released this statement:

Mr. Miller denies any involvement whatsoever in the events that transpired last night. When he learned last night that Mr. Tunsil’s accounts had been hacked, he was surprised that the posted content even existed. He condemns the unlawful hacking of Mr. Tunsil’s social media accounts and hopes that whoever is responsible is brought to justice quickly.

Miller also told he didn’t do it:

I don’t know nothing about no video. I’m not even watching the draft. …I was a Red Cross volunteer of the year. I would never do anything like this.

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