Roman Reigns & His Daughter: The Pictures You Need to See

Roman Reigns is taking center stage tonight. Or, rather, center ring. The WWE Superstar is slated to face off against Triple H at WrestleMania 32, battling for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. It's a feud that has dominated the WWE world for the past few months and, on more than one occasion, has turned rather personal and even more violent. But while Reigns has been spending his professional life fighting in the ring, determined to take back his championship belt, his life away from the ring couldn't be any different. In fact, Reigns, in all his muscled, former-football player glory, is only focused on one job when he isn't wrestling; being the best dad to his seven-year-old daughter Joelle. And if his social media posts are any indication, Reigns is pretty darn good at his job. Click through the gallery to see some of the Superstar's best moments with his daughter and read up on Reigns' entire family. (Instagram)

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