Rory McIlroy’s Family: The Pictures You Need to See

Rory McIlroy's parents would do anything to see their only child have success. It sounds dangerously cliche, but they've already proved it's true. When the now 26-year-old star golfer was showing unbelievable promise as a young boy, his mom and dad sacrificed everything to help further his career. His father, Gerry, worked 100-hour weeks, while his mother, Rosie, worked night shifts in order to send him to tournaments around the world. Now, they are McIlroy's biggest fans, often in attendance providing support while the No. 3 golfer in the world goes to work. McIlroy also finds support in the form of his new fiance, Erica Stoll, who "brings such a level of normality to everything." In a sport like golf where it's important for players to have strong support systems, it's easy to see why the Northern Irishman is so successful. You can click to the right to see he and his family in action. (Getty)

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