Triple H & Stephanie McMahon’s Family: The Pictures You Need to See

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, better known outside of the WWE ring as Paul Levesque, are unstoppable. They're the most powerful couple in the wrestling world and when they aren't controlling things as The Authority or fighting for WWE Heavyweight championships at WrestleMania, they're just as busy at home; being parents to their three daughters. They're also each other's biggest sources of support; whether they're in character or not. Now, with the McMahon family drama taking center stage during this year's WrestleMania at AT&T Stadium in Dallas Texas, Triple H and Stephanie are presenting a unified front. It isn't that different from their "regular" lives. Click through the gallery to read up on the long-time couple's careers, how they balance being the bad guys on TV and the good guys at home and what it's like to raise three kids while also running a billion-dollar organization. Spoiler alert; it isn't always easy. (Instagram)

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