WATCH: Vijay Singh Makes an Ace by Skipping Ball on Water

vijay singh masters water hole in one ace

PGA Tour pro Vijay Singh. (Getty)

April 7 is the seven year anniversary of one of the greatest and most improbable golf shots of all-time.

The shot, courtesy of Vijay Singh, was a hole-in-one that went in after he skipped the ball over a water hazard. It happened at Augusta National during the 2009 Masters week. Unfortunately, it was a practice round.

It’s still one of the most incredible shots you’ll ever see.

Just check this out. Amazing.

Here’s another view:

And yet another angle, which is cool for the crowd reaction after the ball drops in the hole.

“These Guys are Good” indeed.

As for the 2009 Masters week, that was Singh’s highlight. Though he did finish in a tie for 30th at 1-under, 11 shots behind winner Angel Cabrera.