WATCH: Dwight Howard Talks Steph Curry & Bracelets on TNT

watch dwight howard discuss steph curry nba tnt bracelets

Steph Curry and Dwight Howard. (Getty)

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard was a studio guest on the NBA on TNT Tuesday night during the Oklahoma City-San Antonio Spurs game.

In his usual entertaining ways, Howard discussed Steph Curry and jewelry, specifically the bracelet he was wearing on set.

First, here’s what Howard had to say about Curry:

Bruce Leroy is the main character from the 1985 movie “The Last Dragon.” And if you’ve seen the flick, you the “glow” was the ultimate level of martial arts mastery. Howard has Curry at that standing. Interesting analogy, but that’s Howard.

And then the crew, namely Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith, had a good time talking about Howard’s bracelet.

But it wasn’t over there as Howard, Smith and Barkley delved deeper into Howard’s career, at times getting rather personal. Check out some of these clips from the rest of the show:

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