Carla Romero Photos: Pictures of Serenaded French Lifeguard

I'm sure while walking through the streets of Bordeaux, French lifeguard Carla Romero didn't expect to be serenaded by hundreds of drunken Irish soccer fans. The lads were in town to watch their team get mercilessly crushed by Belgium on June 18. Although, some of the fans will have fond memories of declaring their undying love for Romero. On June 21, she posted the video to her Instagram page. The clip had already gone viral. The video got nearly 1 million views in just a couple of days.

In an interview with Le Parisien, Romero spoke about the moment saying, "I did not expect that at all, it was a downright magical moment of generosity, shared joy." She also explained the circumstances that led to the clip, "I was just gone for a drink with friends. On leaving the bar, we found ourselves in the middle of the Irish. They started singing around me, at the beginning a few and then they all returned. I was a little embarrassed. It was very impressive. I was intimidated and surprise." Romero concluded, "I stayed a little with them, we took some pictures and I went home in peace."

Here are the photos of Carla Romero, the apple of so many Irish soccer fans' eyes, that you need to see:

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