DraftKings MLB Lineup: Best Picks & DFS Players June 27

With just 10 games being played tonight starting at 7:05, there's a much smaller pool of candidates to pick from for your daily DraftKings fantasy lineup, as a lot of great players aren't starting today. But within that smaller group of games is still a fair amount of variety. 10 series start tonight, some of which are interleague series (Cleveland/Atlanta, Oakland/San Francisco, St. Louis/Kansas City, Toronto/Colorado) and some of which are the ever-important divisional series (New York Mets/Washington, Boston/Tampa Bay, Los Angeles Angels/Houston).

In this lineup, you'll see some familiar names, as well as a few names from the same game being played. There are a number of good match-ups to invest in as the Astros visit the Angels, and some players worth taking a chance on in the Phillies and Diamondbacks series, as well as the intense Mets/Nationals rivalry. And there are even some players that are just plain bargains that can give you plenty of bang for your buck. Here are 10 players that could easily boost your lineup to a win Monday. (Getty)