NBA Free Agency 2016: Top Free Agents, Rumors & Predictions

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1 Comment


I agree. Mike wooed MARC back last yr & ZBO/TA before that..I’m a GRIZZ media member & have had the pleasure of working with MIKE for few years now..I will be shocked if he leaves his (not just teammates)very good friends (groomsmen in his wedding)to go take pay cut elsewhere. I would say that if he went anywhere else it would have to be to SPURS. Yes, he’s meeting with MAVS because that’s how FA works but he’s not leaving what he has in Memphis for a lesser team, Mavs. Actually, it may end up helping GRIZZ snatch PARSONS out from under MAVS while busy wooing MIKE. I really believe PARSONS can grow into a real superstar in MEMPHIS, just as ZBO did a few years ago. If GRIZZ are able to sign an elite wing shooter like PARSONS(or BATUM, Anderson maybe)and also sign a J.LIN/ERIC.G zither I see no way MIKE is leaving a true contender & will be if this happens. Don’t forget how GRIZZ did on DRAFT NIGHT either. I look for the GRIZZ to be back & better than ever if a few of these moves can fall into place.

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