US Open Predictions 2016: Top 10 Picks to Win at Oakmont

Want an idea of the kind of challenge Oakmont Country Club will present players at the 2016 US Open? We'll let Phil Mickelson, who has played hundreds of tracks throughout his career, explain: "I've played Oakmont the last two days, and I really think it is the hardest golf course we've ever played." With difficult-to-hit greens, knee-high rough, the iconic-but-feared "Church Pew" sand traps and lightning-fast greens, the Par 70 course is going to be causing lots of nightmares during the year's second major. So, who stands the best chance of conquering the daunting course? You can click through the gallery for the 10 players with the best shot of winning the 2016 U.S. Open. (Getty)