Who Is Lil’ Kev?

JR Smith shows off Lil Kev T-shirt after Cavs' Game 2 win over RaptorsJR shows some team unity by wearing Lil Kev in post-game.2016-05-20T05:08:15.000Z

Whether the credit for the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals run belongs more to Lil’ Kev or Kevin Love depends on who you ask. Lil’ Kev’s identity is a bit complicated.

Lil’ Kev has become the Cavaliers unofficial mascot during the 2016 playoffs. It all stems from a Tommy Bahama ad Richard Jefferson saw in an in-flight magazine. The ad featured a model that looked strikingly similar to teammate Kevin Love.

The picture was given the personality of “Lil’ Kev” while the actual model in the ad is Will Chalker. Chalker seems to be taking the joke in stride as his Instagram profile reads “Will Chalker – Aka Lil Kev”.

Jefferson explained the joke to ESPN.

Lil’ Kev, man, he’s a wild one. He’s a wild one. Everybody’s got like, alter egos. You’ve got Kobe [Bryant]; he’s the Black Mamba. You got [Michael] Jordan; obviously Air Jordan. You got LeBron [James]; and you got King James. So, you know, you got Kev [Kevin Love] and you got Lil’ Kev,” Jefferson told ESPN.

The Cavaliers players have started taking Lil’ Kev with them to various places and taking pictures. Lil’ Kev has his own Instagram account. Jefferson uses his snapchat to post various videos with Lil’ Kevin like this one:

Here’s a photo of J.R. Smith wearing his Lil’ Kev shirt:

Here’s a look at Lil’ Kev with the team:

If the Cavaliers success continues, the big question is whether Lil’ Kev will get a championship ring.

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