Zack Ryder & Emma Dating: The Photos You Need to See

One of the cutest relationships within the WWE right now is that of Emma (Tenille Dashwood) and Zack Ryder. While some performers date secretly and are only seen together via paparazzi photos, Zack and Emma are constantly embracing in photos on their social media pages. Born in Victoria, Australia, 27-year-old Emma began wrestling in the independent circuit in 2008, and she signed with the WWE in 2011. She is currently away due to a back injury that required surgery. 31-year-old Zack Ryder, meanwhile, was born in Long Beach, New York and has been with the WWE since 2005, gaining attention from fans in part due to his web show 'Z! True Long Island Story.' It's unclear when exactly the relationship between Zack and Emma started, but they have been public with it for six months now. Here are all the photos of Zack and Emma you need to see. (Twitter/@EmmaWWE)