Antoine Griezmann & Erika Choperena: Pictures You Need to See

You'd be hard-pressed to find another player at Euro 2016 having a better time than Antoine Griezmann. The 25-year old is the leading scorer of the tournament, and leads France into the finals against Portugal.

Originally casted off by French scouts, Griezmann was discovered by a Spanish and was in Real Sociedad's youth system at 13. That's not only where he developed his world-class pace, it's where he met student and blogger Erika Choperena. The pair have been together since 2011, one year after Griezmann signed his first professional contract.

Not much is known about Choperena, just as she intended. Currently studying education, Choperena maintained a beauty blog until her boyfriend's fame caused her to remove the site. Currently Choperena has her hands full, as the couple raise their first child. Mia was born on April 8th, and will grow up in a household that speaks both Spanish and French.

> Choperena doesn't give her personal info to the media, but the couple keep social media satisfied with an abundance of cute pictures. Click to the right to see more of Choperena and Griezmann:

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