DraftKings MLB Lineup: Best Picks & DFS Players July 30

It's Saturday, and that means some good old-fashioned fantasy baseball. Shave off the afternoon games and you're left with 11 games today, starting at 7:10 or later. And lucky for you and your potential DraftKings lineup, there are a lot of good match-ups that you can use in your favor today. Some recent trades can even factor into the decisions for who to play as well, if the latest trade between San Diego and Miami is any indication.

So what are your best options, and where should you be looking? I highly recommended looking into the Pirates as they face the Brewers and starting pitcher Chase Anderson. Hitters on either side of the Mets and Rockies battle can help you out as well, particularly on the Colorado side. In addition, there are Cardinals, Tigers, and Twins hitters that could net you quite a few points. Here are 10 players that you can use for your DraftKings lineup, and maybe even send it to a sound victory. (Getty)