DraftKings MLB Lineup: Best Picks & DFS Players July 17

Starting at 1:05 this afternoon, a full slate of 15 games are being played, and that means you have a bunch of players at your disposal for a daily DraftKings lineup. There are great players you should be adding to your lineup, there are some you should be avoiding, and there are even some not so great players that can do you a world of good today. And my lineup today has a few incredibly cheap options that will surprise and do damage, which can also enable you to go for more expensive players.

What are the important match-ups to look into for today? The Red Sox are in New York facing the Yankees, and a lot of Yankees have solid stats against Boston starter David Price. There are great Detroit and Cleveland players with history on their side today, as well as dirt cheap steals on San Diego and Philadelphia. Here are 10 players that can get you big time points today. (Getty)