Ronaldo Moth Gifs & Images: The Best of Crying Ronaldo

It was a difficult day at the office for Cristiano Ronaldo, but it turned out to have a happy ending as Portugal raised the Euro trophy. Ronaldo got carted off at the 25′ mark of the Euro 2016 Final, but the star of the show was the moth than landed on his face as he was laying on the ground.

The injury happened at the 8′ mark of the Portugal-France match. France’s Dimitri Payet collided with Ronaldo. Payet’s knee appeared to connect with Ronaldo’s, and he immediately went down.

He tried to continue playing but fell down in pain at the 16′ mark. He came back in the match only to fall down again at 23′ and was carted off the field. Ronaldo did not return to the match, but Portugal was able to defeat France 1-0 in extra time.

His misery did not stop the internet from having fun at his expense. Here are some of the best gifs:

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