Abby Dixon, Sam Querrey’s Girlfriend: The Photos You Need to See

Instagram/AbbykDixon Gallery: 1/10

Abby Dixon is arguably one of tennis star Sam Querrey's biggest supporters both on and off the court. Most recently, she cheered Querrey on in London at Wimbledon, where he scored a win Monday to advance to the quarterfinals against Andy Murray. Not only does Abby share in Querrey's triumphs, she also shuts down his online haters. When a sports bettor commented after a loss that Querrey should rape his girlfriend and then kill himself and her, Dixon took to Twitter. "Sickening the comments people make after a loss," she wrote, "if you don't want to lose money, don't bet on tennis." Dixon is a successful model and is represented by several agencies, according to her Instagram bio. She travels the world for modeling, posting snaps of her journeys on social media and sharing a bit of her fun personality. Click through the gallery to learn more about Dixon and her relationship with Querrey.

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