Allyson & Wes Felix: The Photos You Need to See

U.S. track and field sprinter Allyson Felix is on a quest for her fifth gold medal as she competes in the 400-meter on Monday night. Felix, who is the 2015 400-meter world champion, is running the individual 400-meter for the first time in her Olympic career.

The four-time Olympian is one of the most accomplished sprinters in U.S. track and field history. If Felix wins, she will have more gold medals than any other woman in Olympic track and field history. In addition to her six Olympic medals, she holds 19 medals from international competition. Although she's reached tremendous success in her career, she's never forgotten where she came from-- remaining close to her family, and faith.

Someone who has been there throughout the ups and downs of her career has been her brother, Wes. Click through the photos to see, and learn more about the close relationship they share. (Instagram)

1 Comment

1 Comment

caroline shiluatso shivoche

Honestly my heart is still paining as allyson felix fun. I cried and I still don’t believe what I saw with my naked eyes. In kenya that was 4.15 am, just woke up to see felix celebrating but it went the other way round. I lost my sleep and got into thoughts. Was is swimming or running?

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