Eva Marie, WWE Superstar: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Eva Marie is a ‘SmackDown Live’ superstar who was drafted in July 2016. (WWE.com)

Eva Marie’s storyline has unexpectedly become one of the most entertaining parts of SmackDown Live in recent weeks. The WWE superstar’s current role is essentially to troll the entire audience. She still has not made her in-ring debut; instead, a running joke has been that Marie continues to find excuses to get out of her matches. First she faked an injury, then she faked a “wardrobe malfunction,” and on August 16th’s show, she was “delayed due to traffic.”

Eva Marie, whose real name is Natalie Marie Coyle, was born on September 19, 1984 in Walnut Creek, California. She is 31 years old, 5’8 and weighs 125 pounds. She joined the WWW when a Diva search came to Los Angeles. She trained at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, and in May 2013, she was added to the cast of the E! reality series Total Divas. She is expected to receive a major push over the next few weeks, potentially even becoming SmackDown‘s first women’s champion.

Here’s everything you need to know about WWE superstar Eva Marie.

1. She Has a Degree in Business Management

Eva Marie wwe, Eva Marie nxt, Eva Marie smackdown

Before getting into wrestling, Eva Marie majored in business. (WWE.com)

Eva Marie went to college at California State University, Fullerton, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in business management and a minor in human resources.

She later graduated from Diablo Valley College and received an associate degree in art.

While attending California State University, Marie got involved in sports, but not the one you would expect; she was not involved in professional wrestling, but rather the school’s soccer team. Marie grew up in a family of boys, and so throughout her life she was interested in just about every sport imaginable, she said in an interview with Latina.

“Growing up, I’m the youngest of three boys, so I was a major tom-boy,” she said.

After graduating, Marie did some acting and modeling work before her path eventually brought her to the WWE.

2. She Comes From a Large Mexican Family

Eva Marie wwe, Eva Marie wrestling, Eva Marie wrestler

Eva Marie has been with the WWE since 2013. (Facebook/Eva Marie)

Eva Marie’s mother is Mexican and her father is Italian, but Marie says that her Mexican heritage was in some way the biggest influence on her life, seeing as her mother has 13 siblings.

“That side of the family is just so big so they’re constantly in my life,” she said. “I even had a quinceanera. And, my mom is the matriarch of my family. You have this little 4’11 typical, Mexican lady running the household and that’s just how it ran.”

Marie also said that her mom showed her strength and determination, teaching her to believe in herself. She added that she’s very proud of her heritage.

3. Her Husband is Jonathan Coyle

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Jonathan Coyle, Eva Marie’s husband, was a recurring cast member of Total Divas Season 4. (Instagram)

Eva Marie and her husband, Jonathan Coyle, were married in 2014. They met during a CrossFit workout, and Coyle said of meeting Marie, “I had never seen anything so beautiful.”

Coyle proposed to Marie after only a few months of dating. Total Divas viewers will recall that they eloped and did not tell anyone about their marriage for some time.

The couple is not sure if they want to have children. Marie says that at first she did not want to, but she soon learned that she would not be able to conceive a child anyway because she has a heart-shaped uterus. Luckily, if the time does come that Marie and Coyle want to have kids, it’s possible for Marie to receive surgery that would correct this issue.

“In a way, it’s really good news because for other women out there that have a heart shaped uterus it’s not the end of the world, which is awesome because there is an option to go in there, get the surgery done, and then carry a baby all the way to full term,” Marie said.

4. The WWE Originally Wanted Her to Go Blonde

Eva Marie wrestling, Eva Marie wwe, Eva Marie hair

Eva Marie’s iconic red hair happened due to an impulse decision on Marie’s part. (Facebook/Eva Marie)

The red hair has become an iconic part of Eva Marie’s character, but that wasn’t always going to be the case. When Eva Marie first signed with the WWE, they asked her to dye her hair blonde. She was pretty opposed to that, as she tried that look in high school and it didn’t quite work for her.

“My complexion and blonde gave that orange look,” she said. “I wasn’t for the blonde thing but at the time I got my developmental deal and Total Divas, I wasn’t thinking about my hair color. I was just excited I got the job.”

Marie was actually at the salon ready to get her hair dyed blonde, but she didn’t think she could do it. At the time, she was big into Rihanna’s latest album, on which the singer has fire-red hair, and that’s what inspired Marie to go for the look.

“When I dyed my hair red, the first week was traumatic because my pillows, my shower, my towels, my clothes and everything was red,” Marie said. “It became a joke between my husband and I about ‘All Red Everything’ and that hashtag just stuck with me.”

5. She Loves Being Booed

Eva Marie smackdown, Eva Marie injury, Eva Marie smackdown match

Eva Marie gets out of a match on August 2nd’s episode of SmackDown. (WWE.com)

It sounds like it would be difficult to be booed by thousands of people night after night, but Eva Marie loves it.

“I’ve said this before but the last thing you want as an entertainer or athlete, you don’t want to walk out there and be greeted with silence and hear crickets and see people get up to go to the restroom,” she said. “Before I go out there and my music hits and I immediately hear the reaction, I feed off of it. It makes me put a little more pep in my step and walk out there with extra swag.”

Marie does admit, though, that she didn’t always have this attitude; when she first came into the WWE, it was hard for her not to want everyone to love her. But she came to accept her role as a bad guy, seeing the fun in it and realizing that there can’t be heroes without villains.

“It’s so great because it’s so established that I’m such a bad guy that whomever I am facing is a good guy,” she said. “You want to have those emotions and feelings and want to see me get my ass kicked.”

She adds that her husband, Jonathan Coyle, loves Marie’s role as a heel and wants her to remain in that position forever.