Gerina & Martin Piller: The Pictures You Need To See

On the morning of August 17th, women's golf at the Olympics begins, with the most elite women golfers from all across the world coming together in the hopes of bringing home a medal in their country's honor. Those looking to watch can find it live streaming very easily at 6:30 am EST right here, provided they have an account that allows them to watch NBC Sports.

One golfer that will be representing the United States in women's golf is LPGA golfer Gerina Piller. Born Gerina Mendoza, she has been a pro golfer for nearly 10 years now and is participating in her first ever Olympic games. Her husband, Martin Piller, has been a pro golfer for nearly as long as she has, and is a member of the PGA Tour. They are quite the athletic power couple, having been married for 5 years now and having their own impressive individual accomplishments. With an impressive performance at the Olympics, Gerina Piller could have her greatest accomplishment yet. (Getty)

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