Kerri Walsh-Jennings’ Family: The Pictures You Need to See

As American beach volleyball superstar Kerri Walsh-Jennings put it herself, she was "born to have babies and play volleyball." It's a comment that was actually met with some controversy, but there's no denying that the 37-year-old star is a damn good volleyball player and a damn good matriarch for her family. On the sand, Walsh-Jennings, who has undergone five shoulder surgeries, has won three Olympic gold medals, has never lost an Olympic match and has a chance to become just the fifth woman in history to win the same event at four Olympic Games in a row. Away from the sand, she and her husband, Casey Jennings, are loving parents to three children: sons Joseph Michael (born May 22, 2009) and Sundance Thomas (born May 19, 2010), and daughter Scout Margery (born April 6, 2013). You can click through the gallery to see and learn more about Walsh-Jennings and the family that has provided balance in her life. (Instagram/KerriLeeWalsh)