Lilly King: Why Do Her Goggles Have a White String Dangling From Them?

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There is a simple explanation for the white string dangling from Lilly King’s goggles. She wears Swedish Goggles. (Getty)

Lilly King already won an Olympic gold medal in Rio and criticized Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova for her previous drug suspension. King also wears Swedish goggles, which explains why she has a white string dangling from her goggles.

Swedish Goggles were created in Sweden during the 1970s and remain popular, partly because they are cheap and also because the swimmer can customize a pair specifically for their face. That’s because the swimmer has to assemble the goggles themselves.

As explained on Unified Pop Theory, a kit typically requires a swimmer to connect the goggles using a string, which is then tied together. The extra string can be cut off, but it looks like King decides against that. After the two goggles are connected, the swimmer runs the longer rubber strong through the outer looks on the goggles, then uses the rubber string to tie the goggles around his or her head. In the Speedo video below, you can see how the goggles are assembled.

Speedo Swedish Goggles Adjustment GuideMake your goggles last longer by watching this short goggle video. The video shows how to adjust your strap and how to care for your goggles.2015-08-20T13:34:52Z

Swedish goggles are very cheap, which also makes them attractive. You can get a single pair on Amazon for as low as $6. There are also two packs available for as little as $16. By comparison, the high-quality Michael Phelps-branded goggles can go for over $50.

King swims again in the Women’s 200m breaststroke on Wednesday.

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