DraftKings MLB Lineup: Best Picks & DFS Players August 12

It's a full night for baseball all over the country tonight! Shave off the lone afternoon game, and you've still got 14 games going on tonight starting at 7:05 or later. Within that large number of games, there are quite a few match-ups in your favor that you can easily take advantage of. There are pitchers with very good numbers against batters and, even more so, hitters with excellent numbers against pitchers. The right player or two can make or break your DraftKings lineup.

So what games should you be looking into for your lineup? Well there are definitely players on either side of the Tampa Bay and New York Yankees game, but I particularly recommend the Rays lineup of the two. I'd also throw in a couple of players from the Rangers as they face the Tigers, and the Twins as they take on the Royals. In addition, there are Marlins, Braves, Brewers, and Rangers that could help you out. Here are 10 players for your DraftKings lineup. (Getty)