DraftKings MLB Lineup: Best Picks & DFS Players August 10

Today is a busy Wednesday for baseball! Even if you shave off the 3 afternoon games being played, you still have 12 games left to be played starting at 7:05 or later. There are plenty of player for you to pick from, and there are quite a few star players that have great numbers against the opposing pitchers they face tonight. They're expensive, but there are some cheaper players to dig around for that will serve you well tonight. Those cheaper players elsewhere afford you the expensive players, and give you a fantastically balanced lineup tonight.

For starters, I recommend taking a look at some Oakland players as they face Yovani Gallardo of the Orioles, who has struggled to find consistency. Some Houston players match up well against Minnesota, and the same goes for Cincinnati as they face St. Louis. In addition, there are Mariners, Red Sox, Angels, and Rays that I highly recommend. It's an AL heavy lineup tonight. Here are 10 players for your DraftKings lineup. (Getty)