Arnold Palmer: Why Is the Drink Named After the Legendary Golfer?

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Golf legend Arnold Palmer died on Sunday at age 87. (Getty)

Arnold Palmer, the legendary golfer, died on Sunday at age 87. Palmer was considered one of golf’s greatest and the first major star of the sport in the television age. Today, he is also known for the drink named after him.

The Arnold Palmer Is a Cocktail of Lemonade & Iced Tea

The Arnold Palmer cocktail is a mix of lemonade and iced tea, which was not something he invented. He just popularized it. According to, the mix has been around for hundreds of years before he won his first PGA Tour tournament in 1955.

Around that time, Palmer began mixing lemonade and tea for himself. In Mentored by the King by Brad Brewer, the author writes that Palmer once ordered the drink at a bar in the late 1960s and a woman next to him ordered the same. “I’ll have that Palmer drink,” the woman said. That’s the official story you’ll find at Arnold

The recipe for an Arnold Palmer is one part iced tea, one part lemonade. However, his personal mix was more iced tea and just a splash of lemonade.

The Arnold Palmer Was the Subject of an ESPN ’30 For 30′ Special

The Arnold Palmer became such a major part of Palmer’s persona that it was the subject of an ESPN 30 For 30 film, which included an interview with Palmer and actor Will Arnett. You can watch the film above.

What Happens When Arnold Palmer Wants an Arnold Palmer?

During the 2013 Masters, reported that Palmer ordered an Arnold Palmer. How did Arnie order the drink? “He leaned over and said, ‘I’ll have a Mr. Palmer.’ Then he winked,” the waitress told the site.

You Can Buy an Arnold Palmer at Any Supermarket

If you don’t want to make an Arnold Palmer yourself, you can get the drink at any supermarket thanks to a marketing deal that Arnold Palmer Enterprises struck with AriZona Beverages.

Add Vodka & You Get a John Daly

There are alcoholic variations. If you add 1.5 ounces of vodka to the drink, you create a John Daly, named after golfer John Daly.