Teagan Voykovic Photos: Pictures of Aaron Smith’s Girlfriend

In September 2016, numerous witnesses at a New Zealand airport said they saw one of the world's best rugby players go into a public handicap restroom with a woman who was not his girlfriend. One witness told the media in New Zealand, "It was obvious that was happening." In response, Adam Smith was suspended for one game. The Prime Minister of New Zealand weighed in and said that Smith had "embarrassed himself." While in South Africa with his teammates, Smith fronted up and said, "I've made a huge mistake. A huge error in judgement," the star said with tears streaming down his face. He added, "I've made a huge mistake, a huge error in judgment. I'd firstly like to say a huge sorry to my partner Teagan, her family, my family."

His girlfriend, Teagan Voykovic, 22, works as a personal trainer in New Zealand and has been with Smith for some time. According to her LinkedIn page, Voykovic studied sports science at Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand. She's also worked in England a swimming instructor and bartender. At the time of the Smith incident, Voykovic is working a TIKA Training in Auckland, New Zeland. On her Facebook page Voykovic says she lived in England for a time in 2015. Messages posted on her Twitter page indicate she moved back to New Zealand in October 2015. On that page, she still says she's in a relationship with Smith. Her hometown is listed as Totara, New Zealand, she now lives in Dunedin, as does Smith.

Here are the photos of Aaron Smith's girlfriend that you need to see:




Why woukd anyone with half brain want to cheat on a girlfriend like this is mind boggling. I’ve seen some knock off beautiful Serbian girls or of Serbian descent in the past but this one tops the list for sure.
Aaron, suggestion to you mate, next time think with your head on shoulders noth the head which hangs over the two.

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