Becky Lynch’s Injury: Why Was the WWE Superstar Gone This Month?

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Becky Lynch has been absent from WWE television for over two weeks. (

WWE superstar Becky Lynch makes her return to SmackDown Live on October 25th’s show after being away for much of the month. What happened to her, exactly? Why has the Irish Lass Kicker been gone?

World Wrestling Entertainment has not said anything official, but it seems that Lynch was gone not due to an injury but due to some other medical issue unrelated to wrestling. While speaking to fans at the Wizard World Comic Con recently, Lynch said that she “had something removed” in the hospital.

Typically, the WWE immediately discloses the specifics of a wrestler’s absence if they were injured during in-ring action. Back when Finn Balor had to take time off, not only did the WWE immediately let everyone know that he had a shoulder injury, but they played the clip of him being hurt over and over on Monday Night Raw. Their cameras then followed around Balor as he got surgery and began to recover. But when a superstar goes through some other medical process, whether it’s an unexpected pregnancy or a surgery, they usually do not officially comment.

Many within the online community are speculating she perhaps needed to get an appendectomy or a similar procedure. That would be enough to take her out of the ring for a bit, but it wouldn’t be so serious that she couldn’t get back to action rather quickly. Lynch makes her return tonight after an absence of just over two weeks, so whatever it was, it was definitely something relatively minor.

Becky Lynch has technically already made her return to the ring, performing at a house show over the weekend. But October 25th’s SmackDown Live marks her return to television after being unable to perform at WWE No Mercy on October 9th. She was scheduled to fight Alexa Bliss for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship, but she was suddenly pulled from the card and Bliss instead had to fight Naomi. That Sunday, Lynch posted a photo of herself in a hospital bed, eager to get back to performing.

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That title match between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss was rescheduled for Tuesday, November 8th, exactly two weeks from today.


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