How Many Ties Have There Been In NFL History?

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The Cardinals and Seahawks played to an excruciating 6-6 tie in Week 7, prompting us to open the history books and take a look back at the league’s most disappointing result. Then the very next week, the Bengals and Redskins delighted the crowd in London with a 27-27 draw.

Seahawks-Cardinals was the first tie since 2014, when the Panthers and Bengals played to a 37-37 draw. There have been four other draws since 2000, none involving the same team. It’s the first time since 1997 that there has been ties in consecutive weeks.

The most famous draw of the 21st century was in 2008, when Donovan McNabb famously revealed that he was unaware NFL games could end in a tie. This prompted the NFL to take additional measures to inform players of the game’s rules.

Until 1974, ties were fairly common in the NFL. But that’s when the NFL instituted sudden-death overtime after a tie in regulation, a rule that had origingally only applied to the postseason.

If you’re looking for the total number of ties in NFL history, that’s 280. 258 games when ties were common, and 22 since sudden-death was implemented.

There are eight teams in the NFL that have existed since the rule change in 1974 and yet to play to a tie: Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, New England, New Orleans, Oakland, San Diego and Tennessee.

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James Gatz

2 things wrong with this. First, it says that all ties after 2000 have involved different teams, but the Bengals tied the Panthers in 2013 and the Eagles in 2008 (the Donovan McNabb comment game). Secondly, you’ve stated that the Saints have never tied. But in 1977 (I believe; you can check me on that) they indeed tied not only once but twice.


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