WATCH: Paige Proposes to Alberto Del Rio in Puerto Rico

Paige and Alberto Del Rio are reportedly getting married.

According to The Sun, while Alberto Del Rio was performing in Puerto Rico over the weekend, his girlfriend, Paige, jumped into the ring and proposed to him. Though what they said to each other was not clear to the audience, they embraced afterwards and it appears that Del Rio said yes.

This came as a huge surprise to a lot of fans for a variety of reasons. For one, the couple has been dating for less than a year, going somewhat public with their relationship back in May of 2016. It was also surprising to see Paige, who is still a WWE employee, publicly propose to her boyfriend, who recently quit the WWE, while at an event of a rival promotion. Adding onto that is the fact that World Wrestling Entertainment reportedly tried to split Del Rio and Paige apart while they were both with the company.

Paige, whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, is 24 years old, and Alberto Del Rio is 39 years old. Back in August, the two of them were suspended for wellness policy violations on the same day, with many speculating that this was related to drug use but with Paige saying that it was just a matter of not being able to complete her wellness test before the deadline. Paige was recently suspended a second time for another wellness policy violation, this one taking her out of the ring for 60 days.

Not everyone is happy about Del Rio and Paige’s relationship, most notably Paige’s father, Ricky Knight. He recently reacted to his daughter’s engagement on Facebook, writing, “Putting his out there then saying no more,about it to anyone I am totally against my daughter marrying that man statement over.”

The circumstances surrounding Del Rio and Paige’s relationship have been so dramatic that some have actually speculated that it could all be part of a scripted storyline for the upcoming season of Total Divas. But the couple recently told TMZ that this is not the case and their love is totally legit.

“A lot of people said that it was maybe for Total Divas or something like that, but no, we actually do love each other a lot,” Paige said.

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