PHOTO: WWE Superstar Paige Heads Into Surgery

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Saraya-Jade Bevis is the longest-reigning NXT Women’s Champion in history. (

WWE superstar Paige is currently undergoing neck surgery.

On her Twitter account on Wednesday, Paige posted a photo of herself in the hospital, with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio at her side. She did not post any text along with the picture, but she did include the praying emoji.

This is the neck surgery that we have been hearing about for a few weeks. Paige has been absent for the WWE since July in part due to injuries, and she revealed last month that she met with a doctor and was given “two great surgery options.”

It was recently confirmed by Pro Wrestling Inside via WrestleZone that Paige would be undergoing this neck surgery on Wednesday, October 19th. It’s expected that this will prevent her for performing for somewhere between six and nine months, meaning she will not be able to return to the WWE until April 2017 at the absolute earliest and possibly not until July 2017.

It doesn’t seem that there was a specific incident that damaged Paige’s neck and forced her to have a procedure done, but it was reported a few months ago that she had potentially sustained nerve damage over a period of time.

“Regarding Paige, there may be some nerve damage regarding her back and shoulder issues,” Dave Meltzer reported at the time. “I was told her neck issue is similar to what a lot of the guys have had that had serious problems where the problem has led to weakness in the right arm which was the first stage for some major issues with a lot of the guys.”

Paige also had already suffered from scoliosis before beginning her career with World Wrestling Entertainment.

There has reportedly been some controversy behind the scenes as to what Paige should do about her injury, however. Supposedly the WWE’s doctors did not believe that Paige needed to get neck surgery, and so there was some question as to if the company would actually pay for the procedure, according to WrestleZone.

Paige was recently suspended for 60 days for a violation of the WWE’s wellness policy. She also recently became engaged to her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio.

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