FanDuel NBA Lineup Picks, Advice & Analysis for November 11

Friday's eight-game NBA schedule includes the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder, meaning that FanDuel players have the option of hitching their wagon to two of the best all-around players in the NBA. Cleveland forward LeBron James ($9,900) and Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook ($11,500) are consistent triple-double threats, with the former's "supporting cast" proving to be more consistent than the latter's. This sets up an interesting choice for FanDuel participants: take the player who's more likely to do more scoring (Westbrook), or save some salary cap room while going with the player who may not be as great a threat to score 30-plus (James)?

Matchups will determine a lot when it comes to this decision, with Westbrook going up against a Clippers squad that's led by one of the game's best point guards in Chris Paul. As for James, while Washington's Otto Porter has produced some solid stat lines he isn't a major threat to shut down the Cavaliers' leader. In the following slides are our FanDuel picks for tonight's games, working within the rules of a nine-team roster with a $60,000 salary cap. (Getty)