Elizabeth Ruiz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Von Miller Scrambles to Block Cancun Sex Tape | TMZ SportsUPDATE: 2:15 PM PT — It looks like the judge agreed with Von … according to docs, a temporary restraining order was issued. Von Miller is going on the offensive — trying to block a woman from releasing a sex tape shot in Cancun … and claiming she's demanding $2.5 MILLION or else. The Denver…2016-11-15T21:21:01.000Z

Von Miller got a restraining order against a Los Angeles model after she threatened to release a sex tape of the pair romping in Mexico. According to the Smoking Gun, Elizabeth Ruiz is accused of trying to shop a cell phone video of her and Miller having sex to various outlets for $2.5 million. Documents published by the website say that Miller and Ruiz were together in Cancun in June 2016. It also says that when Miller asked her via text to delete the video, she replied, “Gotcha.”

TMZ reports that a judge in Los Angeles “agreed” with Miller and issued a restraining order against Ruiz. The gossip site later reported on April 13 that a judge had “blocked” Ruiz from distributing the tape or even from showing it to anyone. Ruiz had earlier stated that she only liked to watch the tape while she’s alone.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Worked at Hooters & Has Appeared in Videos With Snoop Dogg & Nicki Minaj

Elizabeth Ruiz YouTube Snoop Dogg

Ruiz pictured with Snoop Dogg in a 2012 YouTube video.

Among the limited information from Ruiz’s Facebook page is the fact that she at one point worked at a Hooters restaurant. She is a native of Sagua la Grande, Cuba, but grew up in Miami. Since 2014, Ruiz has been based in Los Angeles. Ruiz was asked by Haute Velvet in an interview what her biggest achievement was to which she replied, “I’ve had many accomplishments i.e coming to this country, graduating, building myself as a model through all the work I’ve done but my greatest accomplishment will be when I make it to the big screen!”

In addition, Ruiz has appeared in videos with Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj and Trey Songz.

On top of her video vixen skills, Ruiz said in a 2013 interview that she knows judo.
According to Model Fair, Ruiz is unsigned to a particular agency but “often” works with E. Mills Management.

Read more about Elizabeth Ruiz in Spanish at AhoraMismo.com:

2. Ruiz Said in an Interview That ‘Sex’ Has Never Played a Role in Her Career

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During an August 2015 interview that focused on her sex life, Ruiz was asked, “Has sex ever played a part in your career?” To which she replied, “Never.” Ruiz also said that she is heterosexual and that her “craziest sexual position” is “Whatever works, as long as I finish.”

Another line of question focused on money, when asked how much she was making, Ruiz said, “I make enough to pay my bills and help my mom out.”

3. Ruiz Says ‘You Have to Have a Great Sense of Humor to Get Her Attention’

I Am Elizabeth Ep1Gentlemens rules2015-08-15T02:13:35.000Z

Ruiz said in her 2013 Haute Velvet interview that, “I love to laugh so if you have a great sense of humor you got my attention.” She adds, “There’s really no bad place to hit on someone because when you see something you like you have to go for it. It’s just how the person presents themselves and come across you.”

In her earlier mentioned 2015 interview, Ruiz said that the most attractive part of a man is his “head.” Her turnoffs are, “When a guy is a male groupie, and a man with no standards.”

Ruiz told RHK Magazine in August 2014 that she believes her sexiest feature is her eyes.

4. Ruiz Has Amassed Over 300,000 Followers on Instagram

Elizabeth Ruiz (ALL VINES) compilation (vine) funny HDBest,Funny,Excited Compilation I Love vıne Become A Member to The Family2014-11-13T00:02:26.000Z

At the time of writing, Ruiz has 321,000 followers on Instagram. While on her Twitter page, where Ruiz has a measly 6,000 followers, she gives her location as “your mind.”

When it comes to her career goals, Ruiz says, “I will be an actress. Perseverance! Never give up!”

5. Miller Was Last Linked to R&B Star K. Michelle

denver broncos vs. atlanta falcons, live stream, watch online, live stream, app, phone, computer, fox


In July 2016, Miller signed a new contract with the Broncos that earns him $114.5 million per year. The court documents in the Ruiz case refer to him as “widely recognized as the world’s best at his job.”

That’s not to mention his celebrity endorsements that includes, Beats, Best Buy and Adidas. On the personal side of things, he was last publicly linked to R&B songstress K. Michelle in April 2016. While in July 2016, Miller posted a video of his vacation in Cancun to Twitter:

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