What Time Does WWE ‘Survivor Series’ End?

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WWE’s Survivor Series 2016 pay-per-view airs on November 20th. (WWE.com)

UPDATE: As fans suspected, Survivor Series did indeed wrap up quite early, ending 33 minutes earlier than expected when Goldberg shocked the world and defeated Brock Lesnar within three minutes.

WWE’s Survivor Series is currently underway on the WWE Network, but just over an hour in, there are only two matches left to go on the card. How long is the pay-per-view going to last, exactly?

Survivor Series is scheduled to end at about 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time, making it three hours total (four if you include the pre-show). However, many fans are speculating that the event could end earlier than that, as heading into the 9:00 hour, there are only two matches left to go: the Raw vs SmackDown men’s tag team elimination match and the Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match. For the show not to end early, both of those have to last almost a full hour.

Some of the time in between matches will likely consist of some promos for WWE2K17 and recaps of previous storylines, but there’s only so much time that this can fill. It seems that either the show will have to end a bit before 11:00, or there’s some sort of big surprise in store for us. Could The Undertaker make an appearance and dramatically alter the way the show is booked? Is some other shock being planned behind the scenes?

In fact, heading into Survivor Series, there was some speculation that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could make an appearance. It would make sense, as 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Johnson having his first match, which took place at Survivor Series 1996. Most fans have figured that the WWE would want to promote something like the return of The Rock in order to maximize viewership, but could they have really kept it under wraps? Will this be the second time this year that The Rock shows up in a pay-per-view to kill time?

Whatever it is, the online wrestling community has been going wild trying to figure out how the heck the WWE is possibly going to eat up a full two hours here. Reddit user Zsokorad speculated on the official WWE subreddit, “So much time left. Ummmm….uhhh….TNA invades the show, causing Raw and Smackdown to combine forces against an exterior threat?”

So far Monday Night Raw has been dominating the night for the most part, with the Raw women’s team defeating SmackDown and with Raw keeping the Cruiserweight division. The Miz, however, retained his Intercontinental Championship.

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