WATCH: Mick Foley’s Tooth Falls Out During ‘Monday Night Raw’

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Mick Foley currently serves as the general manager of ‘Monday Night Raw.’ (

During an episode of Monday Night Raw this week, General Manager Mick Foley became so angry that his tooth actually fell out on camera.

To be specific, Foley uses flippers, which are partial dentures worn in order to fill gaps in a person’s mouth. While Foley is yelling, his flipper suddenly falls out; he quickly grabs it and seems to throw it onto the floor, continuing to speak.

On Twitter, Foley quickly responded by confirming we did indeed see his teeth fall out during this segment. Foley’s daughter Nicole also made light of the situation, saying that her father’s flipper falling out is a sign that he’s really, really angry.

Others on Twitter joked about the blooper, with some pointing to it as a sign of how dedicated Foley is after all these years.

This all took place during a promo between Sami Zayn and Mick Foley about an hour into Monday Night Raw’s North Carolina show. Foley had just broken up a match between Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman, fearing for Zayn’s safety and saying that Zayn could not handle going up against such a monster. Zayn called Foley a hypocrite for telling him what he couldn’t do after a long career of defying the odds.

Since becoming general manager, Foley has been criticized by some fans for his frequent yelling, as a fair number of his promos seems to end with him passionately screaming at somebody. Just recently, for instance, he repeatedly lectured Charlotte and Sasha Banks for wanting to participate in a Hell in a Cell match, warning them that it was way too dangerous and citing his permanent injuries.

Mick Foley famously lost one of his teeth during his Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker in 1998, one of the most brutal fights in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. During the match, Foley’s tooth was knocked out when a chair fell and hit him in the face. This also dislocated his jaw, and the camera lingered on a shot of Foley with a bloodied mouth.