Catie Savage, Tom Savage’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

There are many different paths to the NFL, but none are as complicated as the road taken by Tom Savage. After starting his college career at Rutgers, Savage transferred twice before finishing his career at Pitt. Even in the NFL, it took the Texans giving Brock Osweiler a contract worth $72 million for Savage to get his chance.

Without taking a few detours in college, Savage would not be where he is today. That includes his status as a married man, after meeting his wife Catherine while out in Arizona. Catie followed Tom to Pitt and beyond, and now the couple are on the verge of starting a family.

Here’s what you need to know about Tom & Catie:

1. Catie’s Pregnant With The Couple’s First Child

The Savage family is in full baby-prep mode, as Catie is expecting a baby girl in January. The couple had a funny way of announcing the baby’s gender, which included some help from Tom’s arm:

Oddly enough, Osweiler, the QB Savage is replacing in the lineup, is also expecting his first child with his wife, Erin.

2. The Savages Love Country Music & The Outdoors

There are perks to not being a star NFL quarterback. Tom and Catie can pretty much lead a normal life, one that includes seeing their favorite bands and doing things outdoors. Before the season the couple saw Tim McGraw and Hunter Hayes in concert, and the couple is always together doing things outdoors. For Valentine’s Day, the couple traveled to the woods of Potter County, Pennsylvania, for some outdoor fun.

With Catie pregnant, it’s a different tempo. Lots of time with the dog, and hanging indoors watching Friends. It’s Catie’s favorite show, and Tom recently finished watching the entire series in November.

3. Catie Hails From Arizona But Followed Tom to Pitt

Tom started his college career at Rutgers, but was benched after an injury in his second season. He then transferred to Arizona, where he would have to miss a year of eligibility. During that time he met Catie, and they’ve been together since April 2012.

When he got there, Rich Rodriguez became the head coach of the football program. Rodriguez ran a spread offense, and had no use for Savage, a more traditional dropback passer. So Savage transferred again, this time to Pittsburgh. Catie and Tom dated long-distance for eight months, until Catie finally moved east so the couple could be together. Tom proposed in July 2014, and they were married the following June.

4. They Binge-Watched All of ‘Game of Thrones’ Earlier This Year

The Savages folded to peer pressure earlier this year, cramming in every episode of GoT before the start of the newest season.

Tom had tons of questions and predictions over Twitter, but Catie kept silent. Catie’s biggest TV obsession is The Bachelor, which she sometimes forces Tom to watch. After reaching his breaking point towards the end of the most recent season, Tom built this device so he could game while watching with his wife:

5. Tom Wears His Real Engagement Ring While Playing

With all the fines handed down by the NFL for all things uniform-related, there’s no rule against wearing your actual engagement ring. Some players like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Andy Dalton have opted for a more athletic wedding band, but Savage will make his first NFL start with a gold ring on his finger.

When asked about it after leading the Texans to a comeback win, Savage replied, “My wife wants everybody to see it.”