WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Match Results & Spoilers December 19th

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Kevin Owens was able to retain his title at Roadblock: End of the Line. (WWE.com)

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, the aftermath of last night’s Roadblock: End of the Line pay-per-view will be revealed. What’s the future for Sasha Banks? How will Roman Reigns respond to his crushing loss? Are Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens officially best friends again? Was their fight just an elaborate ruse after all? The show will air tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the USA Network. Read on for match results and spoilers, followed by a preview of the night’s events written earlier this afternoon.

8:00 – The show opens with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho already in the ring. Owens is about to welcome us to The Kevin Owens Show, but he stops himself, instead calling it The Chris and Kevin show. Owens says that there’s nothing he won’t do to make sure the Universal Championship stays with him, even if it means taking a Codebreaker from his best friend. Owens tells Chris Jericho that he had everyone fooled including him, but Owens adds that he should have never doubted their friendship.

Jericho says that the Codebreaker hurt him more than it hurt Kevin Owens, but he had to make everyone believe the ruse. Now, Jericho wants to prove that their friendship is real by giving Owens “The Hug of Jericho.” They hug. Now that they’re back together, Chris Jericho says that he and Kevin Owens will be handing out payback and retribution like Santa Claus hands out coal. Also, Jericho adds Santa Claus to The List of Jericho because Santa stole his gimmick of adding people to lists and wearing stupid outfits.

Mick Foley enters, and he’s very offended that Chris Jericho was talking smack about Santa Claus just now. Foley says that Chris Jericho has been very naughty – not nice – lately, and the two of them getting attacked by Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins was a form of payback. Foley also announces that tonight there will be a tag team match, with Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens fighting Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

Mick Foley says that he brought a present to Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho straight from the North Pole. A steel shark cage slowly descends into the ring. Foley reveals that at Royal Rumble, when Kevin Owens defends his title, Chris Jericho will have to be locked in the shark cage and suspended above the ring. If he refuses, Jericho will never step foot inside a WWE ring again. Jericho objects, and he steps inside the cage to show how dangerous it is. Foley then locks Jericho inside, and he soon realizes that he messed up and forgot the key. The cage begins to rise up with Jericho inside it, who is screaming for Foley to open the door the whole time. The segment ends with Jericho still stuck inside the cage.

8:22 – Backstage, Chris Jericho is freaking out and can barely breathe, having apparently just been rescued from the shark cage. Kevin Owens tries to snap him out of it so that Jericho is ready for the tag team match.

8:23 – Enzo Amore and Big Cass enter. Big Cass says that Rusev took the coward’s way out last night.

8:24  Rusev defeats Big Cass by disqualification. Big Cass completely loses his mind on Rusev and as a result gets himself disqualified.

8:32 – Sasha Banks enters, walking using a crutch and with her knee wrapped up. (She did not actually injure her knee at Roadblock). She says that last night, she gave her blood, sweat, and tears, laying it all on the line, but being forced to tap out twice broke her heart. The better woman won last night, Banks admits, saying that she doesn’t feel like The Boss anymore. She asks Charlotte to come out so that Banks can congratulate her.

Charlotte does not enter. Instead, Nia Jax does. Jax says that she doesn’t know why Charlotte isn’t here but that Banks will never be The Boss because she’s just a little girl. Jax then kicks Sasha Banks’ crutch away, causing Banks to fall on her supposedly injured knee. Jax proceeds to throw Banks around the ring and leave.

8:44 – Backstage, Mick Foley congratulates Cesaro and Sheamus for winning the Tag Team Championship. He says that he feels vindicated since he always knew that these two had potential. Foley then unveils a Christmas present: the new Raw Tag Team Championship belts instead of black and copper. Foley is then called away due to an emergency.

8:46 – Cut to that emergency: Braun Strowman is walking around backstage throwing people into the walls and smashing things. He demands a match with Sami Zayn, but Foley says that Zayn went home and that he’s miles from here.

8:48  Cedric Alexander defeats Noam Dar. After the match, Dar says that Alexander has what he wants: the beautiful Alicia Fox.

8:59 – The New Day enters. They say that after 483 days, their historic reign has hit a roadblock, but they can’t mourn forever. After all, they can’t become three-time champs without losing a few times, and soon they will once again be your WWE World Tag Team Champions.

9:02 – Cesaro and Sheamus enter, saying that today is the beginning of a truly new day. The New Day is outraged that Cesaro and Sheamus already got new belts after only being champions for one day. But they say that they knew that they would be beaten at some point, and they’re happy it was them. Well, to clarify, they’re happy it was Cesaro, not Sheamus. They compliment Cesaro on being strong, and Cesaro says that you need to be strong to put up with someone like Sheamus.

Sheamus says that The New Day disgraced the Tag Team Championship for 483 days, and if they were able to hold on to the title for that long, surely Sheamus can hold on to it for 20 years.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson enter. Karl Anderson says all these people are a bunch of nerds and geeks. The New Day is not the best tag team ever, but also Cesaro and Sheamus didn’t beat The New Day themselves; they wouldn’t be standing where they are if Gallows and Anderson didn’t weaken The New Day over a period of several months.

The Shining Stars enter, trying to get everyone in the ring to come to the Shining Stars Resort. They hand out some pamphlets, and after Cesaro tears his up, a fight between all the tag teams breaks out.

9:15 The New Day and Cesaro & Sheamus defeat Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson and The Shining Stars.

9:28 – Backstage, Enzo Amore is worried that he’s the one who is costing Big Cass matches. He then gets a letter saying that he has to attend mandatory sensitivity training tonight for exposing himself in the workplace.

9:35 – Neville enters. He says that last night, he singlehandedly destroyed Rich Swann and TJ Perkins, yet the audience cheers him. Usually, crowds only cheer for him if they feel sorry, but now he doesn’t need their pity and he doesn’t want their sympathy. He is going to obliterate the entire cruiserweight division, Neville says.

Rich Swann enters. He asks what happened to the man he used to look up to. Neville shouts down Swann and says he has no respect. Swann’s career has skyrocketed, but he shows no gratitude towards the man who helped him get there. Neville can call himself anything he wants, Swann says, but as long as he holds the title, Swann is the best man in the cruiserweight division.

Brian Kendrick enters, saying that Neville is a pioneer who he respects, and so he’s outraged that Swann isn’t treating Neville with respect. Neville says that Swann needs to be taught his place. Kendrick enters the ring, and Kendrick and Neville team up on Rich Swann.

Suddenly, T.J. Perkins runs into the ring to help out Rich Swann, but he’s instantly annihilated by Neville. Kendrick and Neville leave with Perkins and Swann lying injured in the ring.

9:43 – Enzo Amore attends a Workplace Sensitivity seminar, which is also attended by Bo Dallas, Darren Young, Bob Backlund, and Jinder Mahal. Amore can’t stop spouting off his catchphrases at inappropriate moments.

9:49 – Titus O’Neil is scheduled to fight Sin Cara. But literally two seconds into the match, Braun Strowman walks out, fighting the two of them at once without much difficulty. Even after the match is clearly over, Strowman keeps going after Sin Cara. Mick Foley pleads for Strowman to stop, but he refuses, throwing Sin Cara into a Christmas tree and a pile of Christmas presents.

9:57 – Backstage, Chris Jericho is still really upset. Kevin Owens tries to calm him down, but Jericho is angered by the fact that Owens doesn’t understand why he’s still shaken. Still, Owens is able to inspire Jericho to get excited for their match.

10:00 – Charlotte enters, smug as ever and telling the audience to bow down. She says that by beating Sasha Banks, she has solidified herself as the greatest superstar the WWE has ever seen. No one is on her level, Charlotte says.

As if in response to that line, Bayley enters. She says that she’s here to congratulate Charlotte, saying that Sasha vs. Charlotte is going to go down as the greatest women’s rivalry in WWE history. But she says that now it’s time for the Charlotte/Bayley rivalry to begin. She points out that she has already beaten Charlotte twice, but Charlotte says that those victories don’t count. Of the Four Horsewomen, Bayley has always been the fourth best, Charlotte says. Bayley says that she can prove herself in a match right now, and Charlotte agrees.

10:09 Bayley defeats Charlotte.

10:29 – Backstage, Enzo Amore is still at his seminar, and he gets in an argument with Jinder Mahal.

10:35 – At the sensitivity seminar, everyone says what they learned and gets a certificate. Amore says he’s excited to be more sensitive, though he immediately begins hitting on the doctor. As he’s flirting with her, Rusev appears and stares Amore down. Jinder Mahal appears as well and is stil angry. Suddenly, Mahal and Rusev both start beating up Enzo Amore and throwing him into tables and chairs.

10:39 Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns fight Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho. The match ends when Braun Strowman runs out and attacks Roman Reigns. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens seize on that moment to team up on Seth Rollins. Soon, though, Strowman goes after Rollins himself, absolutely dominating him. Strowman then takes down Roman Reigns as well, and the show closes with Strowman standing over Rollins and Reigns in the ring.

At Roadblock: End of the Line, Kevin Owens was able to successfully defend his title and remain the WWE Universal Champion. Of course, that’s mainly thanks to the help of Chris Jericho; although it was thought that the friendship between these two had ended, Jericho ran out during the main event and hit Kevin Owens with a Codebreaker, therefore disqualifying Owens and allowing him to retain the title. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins weren’t amused, teaming up to take out their rage on Jericho and Owens. Will Mick Foley take any actions at all against Chris Jericho for intervening in the main event for the millionth time? What’s the future of the relationship between Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho.

Plus, last night was advertised as the end of the Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte feud, and if that’s the case, Charlotte is the final victor. She was able to defeat Sasha Banks during overtime of a 30 minute Iron Man match, therefore winning the Women’s Championship title and bloodying up her opponent in the process. Is this feud really, finally over? Where does Sasha Banks go from here? And who will step up to the plate and challenge Charlotte? Might it be Bayley?

Of course, the major title change that took place at Roadblock was in the tag team division, as The New Day’s historic reign as champions ended with a defeat at the hands of Cesaro and Sheamus. What’s next for The New Day now that they are no longer your WWE World Tag Team Champions? And can Cesaro and Sheamus find a way to get along now that they’ve made it to the top?

We’ll find out tonight when Raw airs live from Colombus, Ohio.