Alexa Bliss’ Injury on ‘SmackDown Live’: Is It Real or Fake?

Last week on SmackDown Live, a Women’s Championship rematch between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss ended when Bliss apparently injured her knee. Bliss was counted out, and therefore she lost the match but retained her title. Was Bliss legitimately injured?

No, she was not. While a real injury did occur on last week’s SmackDown Live, it didn’t happen during the Women’s Championship match. Bliss being “hurt” is just a part of the WWE storyline, and in fact, it was later heavily implied on Talking Smack that Bliss faked the injury so that she could be counted out and retain her title. While speaking to Daniel Bryan and Renee Young on the aftershow, Bliss casually revealed that she had not even had her knee looked at yet, even though this interview was occurring hours after her the match took place.

Daniel Bryan even called Alexa Bliss out on Talking Smack, saying that it looked to him like she was faking the injury.

“Part of me felt like you were limping until you got counted out, but then you came in and were no longer limping, and then all of a sudden you just remembered to limp again,” Bryan told Bliss on the show.

Bliss became extremely offended that Bryan was doubting her integrity, and she explained his example away by saying that she was operating on a lot of adrenaline.

Now it seems that the question of whether Alexa Bliss faked her injury will become a part of tonight’s storyline, with Becky Lynch perhaps getting another rematch when Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon determine that Bliss was not actually hurt. In the WWE’s official preview of tonight’s episode, they write, “Will Shane-O-Mac and Daniel Bryan get to the bottom of this controversy? Regardless of what they determine, we are pretty sure Becky Lynch will have a few things to say about it.”

However, an injury that occurred last week that was not scripted was Zack Ryder’s. At the conclusion of a tag team battle royal, Ryder emerged victorious but damaged his knee in the process. He later was forced to undergo surgery and will be out of the ring for somewhere between four and nine months.

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