Cowboys Playoff Schedule: Who & When Do Cowboys Play Next?



Week 17 served as essentially an exhibition game for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys had already wrapped up the top seed in the NFC prior to their last game which gives them home field advantage throughout the playoffs. This allowed them to provide some rest for their starters and players who had been nursing injuries.

With very little set in stone for the Cowboys next game, Dallas will have to sit through the Wild Card games on January 8-9 to find out who their opponent will be for the Divisional Round. The Cowboys will play on Sunday, January 15 at 4:40 p.m. Eastern on FOX. Since the NFL re-seeds the bracket after Wild Card weekend, the Cowboys will not know their opponent until the weekend. They will play the highest remaining NFC seed.

With the Seahawks defeating the Lions, Dallas will play the winner of the Packers-Giants game since either team will be a higher seed than Seattle. Many Cowboys fans will be rooting against the Giants who defeated the Cowboys two times this season.

According to CBS Sports, season ticket holders purchased the majority of playoff tickets leaving standing room only tickets remaining for those who waited in line when they were released on December 28. Fans camped out to be able to purchase playoff tickets:

The same party passes that do not provide fans with a seat for the game originally sold for $40 and are being sold on sites like Stubhub for $120 as the cheapest tickets available for the game.

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